Everyone Wins

Everyone Wins is a high-quality, upcycling fashion label based in Brooklyn, New York. Started by friends passionate about providing a greener alternative system for fashion production, one in which the consumer, the design, and the environment all benefit: Everyone Wins.

Dedicated to maintaining style and originality without compromising our planet, the Everyone Wins motto is “Nothing New” — meaning everything in the collection has been made from pre-existing materials and vintage clothing. We are maximizing resources, minimizing waste, and disrupting the outdated, harmful fast-fashion model, without ever compromising style, quality, imagination and integrity. 


Alan Eckstein, Creative Director, was born in 1985 and raised in New York. Eckstein developed his passion for design at a young age, taking cues from his grandmother, an interior decorator whom he was close to. Eckstein served as the creative director and co-founder of Timo Weiland, an upscale fashion line, for 11 years. Timo Weiland has been sold in stores such as Barneys New York and Sak’s Fifth Avenue. In 2014 he was included in Forbes’ 30 under 30 in the category of Art & Style. The same year he won the Ecco Domani Prize for Best Menswear.